Reference Links

- The Merriam-Webster medical dictionary through NIH Medline Plus

- Online Etymology Dictionary (Etymonline)

- Gray's Anatomy, 20th (1918) edition - Old but cool (has ads, but you can copy images)

- Gray's Anatomy, 20th (1918) edition - No ads, but you can't copy images

Some Excellent Sites To Help You Study Most Or All Systems

- A new page with videos and links to videos that might be of help

- Photographs of the models we have in the laboratory

- An absolutely AWESOME anatomy self-testing site - All systems

- Click-for-answers quizzes for several systems - Some are not completed yet

- A nice site with images of cat dissections - All systems

- A very nice and tidy site - Reviews and quizzes for most systems

- Gross, Sectional, Microscopic, and Practical Human Anatomy

Histology Links

- Plenty of histology slides

- More histology slides and quizzes

Skeletal System Links

- A neat, click-for-answers skull quiz

- A skull module with still images and rotatable images (QuickTime) of individual bones!

- Bones of the skull

- Pictures of numbered skeletal features with which to quiz yourself

Muscular System Links

- All the muscles (origins, insertions, and actions) - See how many muscles you don't have to know?

- A page with photos of models - Also has some other useful links

- Supination? Pronation? What the heck?? Click here to find out

Nervous System Links

- Click-for-answers quizzes for the brain

Cool demo of SUPERIOR VIEW of cranial nerves on a cadaver!

Some introductory cranial nerve information

Where the cranial nerves are found in the skull plus more info

COOL interactive site where you can see how cranial nerves and extrinsic eye muscles control eye movement - requires QuickTime and Shockwave plugins

Miscellaneous Links

- Bodyworlds: The anatomical exhibition of real human bodies - A very bizarre site indeed

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